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My introduction! Reason for joining: I've been going in the right… - Fitspiration [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 23rd, 2008|11:08 pm]


My introduction!

Reason for joining:
I've been going in the right direction as far as trying to lose weight and be motivated on my own, but I figured it would be helpful and inspiring to see how other people are doing with the same issue. Also, "fitspiration" is clearly the healthier way to go over all that "thinspiration."

Current fitness/health goal: I just want to lose enough to the point where I am at a healthy weight for my age and height. I'm 21 / 170lbs / 5' 7''. I run several times a week and I can do a mile in nine minutes (I'd like to do it in eight.) People say I look like I weigh less than I actually do, so my weight doesn't concern me so much as being in shape and looking toned. I also have been playing rugby for 2 years, so that helped me initially lose weight and coerces me into working out and getting in shape.

Fitness/health weakness: I'm really lazy. I also love to eat. I think I'm pretty good at doing things when I have to (like at practice or conditioning) but it's hard to be motivating on my own. As far as my eating habits, I don't deny myself anything but rather try to moderate everything. I've also discovered that I love veggie subs and that the key to healthy eating is lathering everything in hummus. It's great. :)

Do you have and ED/fitness disorder?: I've never had an eating disorder or a fitness disorder. I'm obsessed with what I eat and how much I eat - but never enough to not eat or go to an extreme. It's the same with the fitness thing - I'm kind of obsessed with it, but not so much that I don't skip the gym or practice sometimes. It's more of like, I'm constantly thinking about how I eat and when I work out.

What do you think limits you the most in making healthy choices?: I don't think there is anything that can limit me in making healthy choices but I limit myself in my proactivity. I work so much harder at practice or when my coach is at conditioning than when I am doing something on my own. I need someone there motivating me because as much as I want it for myself - it's easier when I have to do it for other people (my teammates.)

What are you doing or have done to make the best of a situation barring you from a healthy lifestyle?: Definitely rugby. Its something I do with some of my best friends and it's just fun. There is the motivating issue of playing hard to win. Also, knowing that the more time I get on the field depends on how hard I can play and my coach notices when I'm working hard and improving on my fitness. You have to train hard to play hard and you have to play hard to win. It's more fun to play a hard 80 minutes of rugby than go to the gym and lift weights for the same length of time.

YOUR Fitspiration / a picture of a model, yourself, a quote, anything that keeps you going:
++People don't play sports because its fun. Ask any athlete, most of them hate it, but they couldn't imagine their life without it. Its part of them, the Hate/love relationship. its what they live for. They live for the practices, parties, cheers, long bus rides, invitationals, countless pairs of different types of shoes, water, Gatorade, & coaches you hate but appreciate. They live for the way it feels when you beat the team next to you by 1 pt. in overtime, & you know those 2 extra sprints you ran in practice were worth it. They live for the way you become a family with your team, they live for the countless songs you sing in your head when your running ALL those suicides. They live for the competition, they live for the friends, the practices, the memories, the pain, its who they are. It's who we are. WE ARE ATHLETES...

++It's not about just running through 80 minutes of drill work. It's about thinking of every person that has ever made you mad and finally having a way to do something about it. She can see that anger in your eyes and you can see the fear in hers. Finally, it's about getting up and looking down at her saying to yourself, "Man, I just fucked her up." - my coach

this isn't a very good picture, but that's me.


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